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CoUni have created a Habit Installation Chart to help you install any new habit within 21 days. It is a simple as 123.

1. Choose a habit

A habit is an automatic behavior. What would you like to do automatically, without thinking, without trying, without resistance? How would this new habit change your life experience? Choose a habit you wish to install and write it on the downloadable chart.

2. Define your why

Why are you installing this habit? When faced with challenges, the mind will want to know why it should continue installing the habit. Knowing why before the moment of weakness comes will make it easy to continue with your practice when it does. Gain clarity and Write down your “why” on the downloadable chart.

3. Practice for 21 days

It takes 21 days to install a new habit. Use this habit installation chart to track your progress over 21 days. Mark each day with a giant X when you have completed the chosen habit.

What habit would you like to install?
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