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CoUni have created a Habit Installation Chart for your Morning Ritual. With this tool you can create a morning ritual and install the habit within 21 days. It is as simple as 123.

1. Create your morning routine

A morning routine improves your emotional wellbeing, provides mental clarity and increases overall energy levels. It lays the perfect foundation for a successful day.

Here are some ideas to help you create a morning routine;

Regular sleeping pattern | Journal | Gratitude | Intentions | Affirmations | Yoga | Physical Exercise | Breathwork | Meditation | Cold Shower | Plant-based breakfast | Hygiene

Conscious Universe recommends avoiding technology until your ritual is complete.

When creating your ritual ask;
How much time do I have?
What activities do I want to include, and in what order?
How much time do I have for each activity?

Write down your morning ritual here (in order) with how much time each activity will last.

2. Define your why

Why are you installing a morning ritual? When faced with challenges, the mind will want to know why it should continue with a morning ritual. Knowing why before the moment of weakness comes will make it easy to continue with your practice when it does. Gain clarity and write down your why hereā€¦

3. Practice for 21 days
It takes 21 days to install a new habit. Use this habit installation chart to track your progress over 21 days. Mark each day with a giant X when you have completed your morning routine. . .

Are you ready to create your morning ritual?
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